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What will my session be like?
Each type of session has its own purpose and its own format. Some sessions may be done long distance; however it is usually helpful to be present in person. We will talk a little before the session as well as afterward. During the session you may be resting comfortably on the floor or on a massage table, with bolsters and blanket as needed, the lighting dimmed. I may be moving around you or lying next to you. The use of a drum and rattle and sometimes chanting is employed. The techniques used are for the most part not touching and no effort on your part is required beyond resting quietly.

How do I know which session to choose?
A conversation ahead of time, either by phone or in person, is helpful to establish what issues in particular are being addressed and what form of shamanic practice might be most appropriate.

How long will the session be?
Most sessions listed may take approximately 45 minutes, which includes time to discuss before and after. A soul retrieval session may well take between 60-90 minutes. A space clearing may take an hour or two or more, depending on the size of the space. It’s best not to rush these sessions, but to be open to allowing sufficient time.

How can I prepare for a session?
You may want to reserve some unstructured time in your day following the session for your own personal integration.

What is soul retrieval?
In every life, there is hardship, difficulty, pain and trauma to one degree or another. If you think of your soul as your vital essence or as your personal power, it is not hard to imagine that this part of you can be at times diminished due to trauma or suffering. In soul retrieval, those aspects of you that have been lost or diminished are restored.

It is unlikely that anyone has not experienced some soul loss. Every instance of difficulty or pain is not necessarily an instance of soul loss, but it very well could be. Indications of soul loss may be depression, PTSD, inability to move past an issue, feeling stuck, feeling disconnected, a sense of being incomplete, chronic illness, memory gaps as if part of your life history is missing, low energy. Experiencing these symptoms does not necessarily indicate soul loss, but it could well be the case.

Benefits that may be experienced after soul retrieval include feeling stronger, more energetic, more alive, more present, more empowered. A return of joy, hope, confidence. The ability to make decisions. The ability to heal from grief or move on past an issue. Healing from illness or chronic conditions, less struggle. Less anxiety, a greater ability to handle stressful situations.

What is a power animal?
Similar in concept to a guardian angel, a power animal is a helping spirit which embodies the assets and attributes of a particular animal and lends those aspects to an individual, accompanying and protecting him or her from childhood on. A person may have several power animals over the course of life.

When is psychopomp work needed?
Sometimes when a soul has departed from a body in a sudden and unexpected way, or in a particularly violent way, or in an instance of suicide, or in a case of excessive connection to loved ones left behind, it may remain in a confused and lost state, lingering here as if earthbound instead of finding its way to the next realm. Pyschopomp work involves a shamanic journeying to assist in the escort of a soul to spirit guides who will then usher it to higher realms. This can be an occasion of final messages being relayed, of letting go with gratitude and restoring peace both to the departed one and to the loved ones still here. This is a work of tender mercy.

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