Client Reviews

Shamanic Practices "My shamanic session with Laura was very interesting and beneficial. She sensed a blockage around my feet and removed it. Subsequently, I felt a freedom to go out and do things by myself, which I had been afraid to do before."
A.L., Centerville, OH

"As for the soul retrieval here is my experience:I found each of the 4 soul "parts" that showed up with your journey to be relative to my life! Some are better understood than others. Presently, I am finding myself relating these parts to everyday life which is also interesting. So positive change is occurring! I am very grateful to my soul parts for their return. And I am continuing to understand their departure and return as I can... welcoming them, appreciating them and loving them. And THANK YOU Laura, for what you have done and given to me and this precious soul which has entrusted itself to me."
P.W., Indiana

"Interestingly, after our session, I had received two compliments from co-workers who said I looked so rested and glowing and different. Even though I didn't feel rested, I think they noticed a fuller Light in my essence. I felt that way from a place of better awareness of who I am. My life has been lived in service to everyone else, mostly at the expense of my time and care for myself resulting in the health issues I am currently challenged with. Thank you for helping me Re-Member that I am worthy, just as I am. Thank you for the part you played in this incredible healing."
L.M., Indiana

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